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Howdy, and welcome to my blog!

Let me formally introduce myself - My name is Jay Delisle. I currently work as a software automation engineer .

I mainly work with Python while at my day job, but I am learning web development and Javascript in the after hours! I use this blog as a place where I can help others in the life-learning journey of being a software engineer. I've been programming since highschool - however, I graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I'm a mechie turned software engineer. I want to take you along on this process to help you learn, and to share with you the knowledge that I acquire along the way.

I'm an engineer at heart - I love to tinker, solve problems, and see how things work. I like to build and create both with my hands and with my mind.

Aside from code - I'm passionate about motorcycles, cars, and I enjoy spending time outdoors.

I'm looking forward for you to get to know me and learn with me as I dive into software, tech, and business.